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Jun, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Amazon-Whole Foods: A year later, what’s changed?

Purchasing grocery online is a fast, efficient and convenient way for many. With just a few clicks, users can get the items they need delivered to their door step. This will save their time of traveling to the supermarket and be physically there to purchase their groceries. Online grocery has only just reached its tipping […]


Jul, 14

Overcome Cloud BDR Fears Once and For All

No matter how hard you try to persuade some customers that backing up their data to the cloud is a wise decision and you can help them do it at an affordable price, you’re still going to run into fear-based objections. This objection can sound like this: “How can I really be sure that your […]


Apr, 14

Cloud Summit Day 3 Highlights

One of my favorite parts of attending Cloud Summit is hearing from Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst, Tiffani Bova. This year she gave attendees a look at the future via a video presentation that included a simulated plaza in the year 2020, which highlighted the evolution of the “Internet of Everything.” In this not-too-distant-future cars […]


Feb, 14

Give Your Virtualization Revenue a Health Check Services Boost

E-Safe Technologies (E-Safe) is a $9 million MSP (managed services provider)/ IT solutions provider that not only recognized that virtualized IT environments were going to become a huge opportunity, but it acted on that knowledge by implementing a strategic process to market, sell, and support virtualized solutions and IT services to SMBs. I recently spoke […]


Dec, 13

2 Secret Ingredients To This MSP’s Projected 50% Revenue Growth

Like other IT service providers, CDI Managed Services provides customers across multiple vertical markets with monitoring and remediation services, plus helpdesk and other outsourced IT services. What’s unusual about CDI Managed Services, however, is that the primary contributing factors to its 100% revenue growth over the past two years and 50% projected growth over the […]

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