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Aug, 14

The Overlooked Caveat to Being a ‘Total Solutions Provider’

Most of the IT service providers I talk to aspire to selling multiple, complementary solutions to their customers, often describing themselves as one throat to choke or a one stop shop. That’s why I was initially taken aback when I first spoke with Jim Steinlage, president of Choice Solutions who made a decision to sell off five of his business technology […]


Jun, 14

The Mobile Solution Sales Process Has Changed

I recently interviewed Aaron Hagler, VP of solutions strategy at Tolt Solutions, a systems integrator and retail technology services provider formed out of Kyrus Solutions’ acquisition of Tolt Service Group. The 960-employee company is projecting double-digit growth this year and Hagler didn’t mince words when asked about some of the key contributors to Tolt’s success. One of […]

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