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May, 18

Empowering Enterprise: How to Make Sure Cloud Deployments Are Secure

The global forecast is cloudy. In fact, rather than a forecast, it’s a reality – practically everyone, everywhere uses cloud technology today. Whether an organisation runs Office365 for email or virtualisation on-premises (private cloud), a public cloud provider such as AWS, Azure or GCP, or a combination of these in a hybrid setup, the cloud […]


Aug, 17

Empowering Enterprise: How Do You Protect Yourself From Ransomware?

“Empowering Enterprise” is an ongoing Ingram Micro series published in every Wednesday’s edition of The Business Times. It aims to provide news and thought leadership on the latest developments in cloud and security. The series is produced in partnership with the following vendors: Dropbox, Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, IBM, Progress, Symantec, Barracuda, Dell EMC, FireEye, Hewlett […]


Jun, 14

Financial Services Companies Getting Comfortable with Cloud, Study Finds

It’s often the case that the top objections IT service providers (ITSPs) face when it comes to selling cloud-based services are security related. However, if Boston-based Aité Group’s survey findings are any indication, this objection is going away — at least in the financial services industry. A summary of Aité’s findings, published in a recent Forbes article, showed that 50% […]


Feb, 14

CryptoLocker, Cloud Backup, and the DIY Customer

One of the side effects of the consumerization of IT is that some end customers are feeling more empowered than ever to take IT matters into their own hands rather than seeking the help of IT service providers. This is especially true when it comes to cloud services, where business owners can self-install a cloud […]


Oct, 13

Don’t Assume Your Customers Know This About The Cloud

Hybrid IT environments, comprising on-premises and cloud IT solutions and services are becoming the standard for many businesses. As an IT solutions provider and trusted business advisor to your customers, it may be tempting when engaging new prospects to focus only on their legacy on-premises IT equipment, software licensing expiration dates, and unmet IT support […]


Apr, 13

Nervous About Cloud Security? Take A Road Trip

I spoke with three MSPs recently for an article I’m writing on the topic of PSA (professional service automation) software. In addition to learning some interesting things about various PSA solutions, I learned something else that was valuable, which was the fact that two out of three of the MSPs had serious reservations about the […]

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