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Jun, 14

Don’t Let Retail BDR Sales Opportunities Pass You By

Have you ever been shopping somewhere only to find out at the checkout the retailer’s payment system was down, and it couldn’t accept credit or debit card payments? As frustrating as that experience can be, consider the negative repercussions from the retailer’s perspective. “With retail organizations generating revenue on an hourly and sometimes minute-by-minute basis, […]


Sep, 13

What Intermedia’s Downtime Can Teach You About Business Continuity

Yesterday, I had the firsthand experience of how a cloud crash can impact a business. My Outlook provider, Intermedia, went down hard for several hours. Not only did the world’s largest third-party provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange services’ network crash, but its VoIP-based phone system, which also runs in its data center crashed, too. While […]

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