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Oct, 17

Empowering Enterprise: Managing Your Network through the Cloud with Cisco Intersight

“Intersight’s existence stemmed from organisations demanding an easier way to power applications and serve the business,” explains Satinder Sethi, vice president of data centre solutions engineering and UCS product management at Cisco. In short, Cisco Intersights is a cloud-based system management platform, augmented by analytics and machine learning. It helps organisations to achieve a higher […]


Oct, 17

Empowering Enterprise: The Next Leap in Networking Infrastructure

Intent-based networking systems (IBNS) have the ability to improve a company’s network availability and agility, and are a new way of building and operating networks by providing life cycle management for network infrastructure. Expected to usher in a new era of smart, adaptable networking systems, IBNS uses machine learning and advanced automation to adapt the […]


Mar, 15


Cloud Is Not a One-Size-Fits All Offering

By Franklin Hua, Technical Marketing Manager, Synology Franklin Hua, Technical Marketing Manager, Synology With today’s businesses becoming more and more dependent upon data, combined with today’s distributed workforce, the need for collaboration, file sharing and syncing, and business continuity are top needs for many businesses. And, more and more businesses are discovering the cloud’s role […]


Jun, 14

Real-World Advice on Launching a Successful Managed Services Practice

There’s no shortage of advice in the channel telling you what you must do to be more successful. A lot of that advice points to selling managed services and building recurring revenue streams. What’s not so prevalent, however, is specific step-by-step details about how to price your managed services. I was pleasantly surprised recently to […]


Jun, 14

Finally, A Quicker Path To UC Sales Success

When IT service providers (ITSPs) evaluate new solutions and services, the opportunity must be weighed against the challenge of selling and deploying the new solution or service. Unified communications (UC) is an example of an IT solution with a lot of earning potential combined with serious challenges. The Radicati Group, for example, forecasts the worldwide […]


Aug, 13

Why Putting Off Selling MPS Is Risky Business

When I ask most managed services providers about what kinds of IT assets they monitor for their customers, answers such as “servers, routers, switches, firewalls, PCs, laptops, and even mobile devices” are common responses. Less common responses include “printers, fax machines, MFPs [multifunctional peripherals], and copiers.” After inquiring further about these latter devices, I’ve discovered […]


Aug, 13

How The NSA Prism Scandal Threatens the U.S.’ Cloud Market Lead

According to the ITIF (Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)’s latest report, the Singapore’ lead in cloud computing adoption could be in serious jeopardy, following the backlash caused by the recent NSA Prism spying scandal, which was first made public in early June.  According to the report, the scandal could cause foreign companies to decide en […]


Jul, 13

Hear the Secrets of SMB Success At CompTIA ChannelCon

3:30–5:30 p.m. in Bayhill 32 on Monday, July 29 Join Ingram Micro for a two-hour breakout session focused entirely on SMB success. Get business advice from an industry expert, a fellow solution provider, and Ingram Micro’s own SMB sales and marketing specialists. Plus, learn about the essential elements of a successful SMB business and find […]


May, 13

Should IP Video Storage Be Your Next Cloud Service?

Many of you reading this are probably already selling or considering one or more of the following cloud solutions: hosted email, data backups, or network security-as-a-service. Some may even be offering virtualization services such as VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and virtual server services. One opportunity I’m betting isn’t yet on your radar, but should be, […]


Jan, 13

Cloud Summit Registration Open

In case you missed its launch earlier today, the registration website for Ingram Micro’s Cloud Summit 2013, themed “All Sky, No Limit,” is up and running. This year’s event will be held earlier in the year this time around, launching on Monday, April 8, and running through Wednesday, April 10. Attendees will not only hear […]

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