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Feb, 18

Empowering Enterprise: ‘Digitalise and Upskill’ Employees for Modern Workplace with Technology

One of the ways for Singapore’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to differentiate and upgrade themselves in a competitive business climate is to keep their employees at the forefront of digitalisation. And for good reason too. SMEs represent 99 per cent of all enterprises locally, while contributing to nearly half of Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product […]


Feb, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Technology Critical to Driving Change in Work Culture

Technology plays a critical role in driving change in culture. And more often than not, involving firstline workers in digital transformation will drive unprecedented opportunity – for workers, the organisations they work for, and the industries and society at large. For one of the world’s leading sports brands, Puma, firstline workers are the retail assistants […]


Nov, 17

Empowering Enterprise: Dropbox Helps Keep Companies’ Business on Track and on Time

Having employees constantly on the go and in multiple locations would pose a conundrum to firms when information has to be disseminated in a secure and efficient manner. However, with Dropbox Business, that worry is unfounded. The file-sharing service enables firms to use it as a corporate file server to communicate with employees in a […]


May, 15


The Evolution of Lead Generation

The science of marketing and advertising has evolved over the years.  How brands communicate with their audience has gone from being a one-way conversation to a discussion with the rise of social and digital media. Social and digital media have evolved in the short time they’ve been with us as well. In recent years, we’ve […]


May, 15

IoT to Open World of New Opportunity, CompTIA Finds

One of the key specifics former Cisco CEO John Chambers addressed during his opening keynote at the annual Cisco Partner Summit a couple of weeks ago was the inevitability of the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) in the digital age. “One of the themes we heard from our partners and our joint customers coming into this event […]


May, 15

Another Confirmation You Should Make Metric-Based Business Decisions

According to the latest research from CompTIA, the U.S. IT channel is made up of 125,502 companies. To stand out from the masses, Internet & Telephone believes there are a few key decisions channel companies must make, beginning with selling managed services. “This decision puts a channel firm in a class of about 50,000 other […]


May, 15

A Common Culprit for Missed SLAs

Aside from the challenge of getting used to small streams of monthly revenue in place of larger one-time paydays, providing SLAs (service level agreements) is a difficult adjustment for new VARs-turned-MSPs. The SLA is the contract that defines which IT assets and services are covered by the MSP as well as how quickly IT problems such […]


Apr, 15


An MSP’s ITIL Approach to 20% Year-over-Year Growth

Pete Peterson, VP of Sales, Internet & Telephone Whether you’re building a house or a business, the foundation plays a critical role in your long-term success. It was with that thought in mind that Internet & Telephone began in 2002 with the mission of providing customers in the Boston area with a premiere business-class phone […]


Apr, 15

An Integrator’s Secret to $75,000-Plus a Year in Reduced Engineering Labor Costs

A skeptic may look at the title of this article and conclude that the business owner must have issued a pay cut across the board for engineers. While that strategy might produce the desired results in the short-term (until the disgruntled engineers all found employment somewhere else), it wasn’t what system integrator/IT consultant did to […]


Apr, 15

Productively Targeting New Customers

We all search for the endless pool of prospects.  You already have a significant market share of your ideal customer base and you find yourself struggling to identify any of those last unturned stones.  It is time to rethink who is your new ideal customer.  It is the traditionally undefined prospect. You are now entering […]

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