Mar, 18

Empowering Enterprise: The Crucial Role of Telcos in a Smart Nation

Every smart city is built around big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). These two components are fundamental in shaping smart cities and are the basis of how they function. More than just having a steadfast infrastructure in place, an efficient and secure network is needed to handle and process the large amounts of […]


Mar, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Cybersecurity – Automation the Way Forward

“Organisations (looking to automate should) first start by doing a cost benefit analysis on their current cybersecurity deployment. Often, there will be multiple areas that are still covered by manual and error-prone processes but are very critical or have a large impact in the cybersecurity of the organisation,” says Foong Sui Jin, system engineering director […]


Mar, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Central Banks Urged to Study Digital Currencies’ Cyber Risks

Digital currencies are a revolutionary tool that central banks should consider, but they remain far too risky to be used as legal tender any time soon, according to the Bank for International Settlements. The BIS – the club of the world’s largest central banks – said in a report on Monday that the new form […]

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