Empowering Enterprise: Gravitating Towards Hyperscale Cloud Providers


Jul, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Gravitating Towards Hyperscale Cloud Providers

Just a few years ago, Thomas Siebel often faced scepticism when encouraging big companies to adopt internet-style cloud computing. Many companies, he said, had qualms about relying on the faraway data centres. Now his customers have a different concern: One cloud service isn’t enough.

“They don’t want to be tied to one big tech company,” said Mr Siebel, chief executive of C3 IoT, a software company that uses cloud computing to analyse data coming from industrial machines. And Mr Siebel is adapting. After initially working closely with Amazon, a pioneer in cloud computing, C3 IoT now also has a technology and marketing partnership with Microsoft.

In that fast-growing market, Amazon holds a 33 per cent share, unchanged since the end of 2015. Over the same span, Microsoft’s share climbed from 7 per cent to 13 per cent, and Google’s doubled to 6 per cent. John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy Research, predicted that the cloud giants would get bigger and capture a steadily rising share of corporate technology spending – especially as they add new capabilities, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, to their services.

Read the full article titled “Gravitating Towards Hyperscale Cloud Providers”to find out how Microsoft’s advantage of being mainly a supplier of technology to businesses is helping it to gain ground as mainstream companies increasingly move to cloud technology.

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