Empowering Enterprise: Leveraging the Cloud to Improve Customer Loyalty


Jul, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Leveraging the Cloud to Improve Customer Loyalty

Merchants are increasingly at the mercy of fickle consumers. Every day, consumers change their minds about what they like, how they want to engage with brands, and what they are willing to trade dollars for. And yet, so many loyalty solution providers choose to just be apps, or points, or physical cards.

What Advocado, a cloud loyalty customer relationship management software company, knows is that, at their core, incentive programmes are data programs. So, when it wanted to consolidate its data and optimise data analytics to improve the insights it delivers to clients, Advocado turned to Microsoft Azure and its cognitive services.

By building the Advocado loyalty software in Azure, Advocado has found that:

  • An F&B chain enjoys increased repeated visits by 30 per cent and the spending of members in six months is in excess of S$600,000;
  • A retail chain experiences consistent growth of more than S$49,000 monthly;
  • A hobby chain sees more than S$750,000 cashflow generated monthly from new and repeating customers.

Read the full article titled “Leveraging the Cloud to Improve Customer Loyalty”to find out how Azure has enabled Advocado to scale its business which now serves over 600 merchants and more than 300,000 participants across six markets.

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