Empowering Enterprise: Human behaviour the weak link in cyber defence


Jun, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Human behaviour the weak link in cyber defence

Since email users are usually the main target for phishing attacks, they need to be ultra-aware of any tempting baits. Higher ranking staffs of organisations were viewed as most likely to be targeted because of the access they have but frontline staff may be an easier target as they are not always aware of the risks of cyberattack or understand the likely consequences.

A study conducted by PwC showed that 42 per cent of businesses were compromised by phishing attacks in 2017. User training and awareness programmes are vital prerequisites to improving email security. It is of paramount importance that employers train employees to be security conscious critical thinkers. Data also suggests that successful cyberattacks on the news these days almost always involve a human element. Links have to be clicked or attachments have to be downloaded in order for these attacks to work.

Click on the full article on “Human behaviour the weak link in cyber defence” by James Forbes-May, Vice President, Asia Pacific of Barracuda on how human elements can cause businesses to be jeopardised by phishing attacks.

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