Empowering Enterprise: How to Make Sure Cloud Deployments Are Secure


May, 18

Empowering Enterprise: How to Make Sure Cloud Deployments Are Secure

The global forecast is cloudy. In fact, rather than a forecast, it’s a reality – practically everyone, everywhere uses cloud technology today.

Whether an organisation runs Office365 for email or virtualisation on-premises (private cloud), a public cloud provider such as AWS, Azure or GCP, or a combination of these in a hybrid setup, the cloud is ever present and pervasive.

Today the hybrid pattern is the most widely used. There is an implied promise of lower risk and more security in the hybrid model since it allows technology managers to adopt the public cloud to their own level of comfort. Another plus for hybrid cloud adoption is regulatory compliance.

To maximise the benefits from migrating to cloud-based solutions, consider that only an end-to-end, unified, holistic strategy can protect an organisation. Anything less will leave gaps and will be discovered by cybercriminals.

Read the full article titled “How to Make Sure Cloud Deployments Are Secure” by James Forbes-May, Vice President, Asia Pacific of Barracuda on the need for security plans to be adaptable and agile in order to defend against the evolving threat landscape.

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