Empowering Enterprise: Have Chatbot, Will Serve


May, 18

Empowering Enterprise: Have Chatbot, Will Serve

Recently, content platform Have Halal, Will Travel (HHWT) unveiled a new function to their website. Named Sofia, she is a chatbot powered by the Azure Bot Service and programmed to help Muslim travellers with their enquiries via a question-and-answer system. Users can choose from a list of inquiries and Sofia will send them articles as recommendations.

The idea to implement Sofia came when HHWT saw itself receiving enquiries from users, which ranged from halal food places to prayer spaces to accommodation options. To boot, some 70 to 80 per cent of the HHWT users were intending to travel within the next four months. HHWT thought that these enquiries needed to be answered, and done fast.

But as a “lean startup” with limited manpower and capital to hire said manpower, this posed a challenge. The team needed to keep up with the emails, and continue running their online platform.

Read the full article titled “Have Chatbot, Will Serve” to find out how HHWT was able to increase the quality of their customer service and scale it a cost-efficient manner with Sofia today.

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