Empowering Enterprise: The Crucial Role of Telcos in a Smart Nation


Mar, 18

Empowering Enterprise: The Crucial Role of Telcos in a Smart Nation

Every smart city is built around big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). These two components are fundamental in shaping smart cities and are the basis of how they function.

More than just having a steadfast infrastructure in place, an efficient and secure network is needed to handle and process the large amounts of data from the millions of IoTs required to run the city.

With strong network connectivity being an essential building block in managing the increasing uptake of digital technology, there is a need for telcos to expand existing infrastructure, and invest in improving their network capacity, speed and latency to match the expectations of a 5G-enabled Smart Nation.

With our telcos playing such a crucial role in achieving our Smart Nation goals, it is important that they look towards leveraging a multi-cloud technology approach to move more data, systems and applications to the cloud, in order to enable far greater ease of interaction between multiple devices. Consequently, the use of multi-cloud will also help enhance security, performance and operational efficiency for users in the city-state.

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