Empowering Enterprise: HPE Partner Gridcomm Lights up Smart Cities


Jan, 18

Empowering Enterprise: HPE Partner Gridcomm Lights up Smart Cities

By incorporating gridComm’s street-lighting control with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) data analytics into the command centre, gridComm enables a right mix of solutions – from the digital core to the intelligent edge – which allows it to control each street light individually and in real time. With HPE, gridComm is ensuring an always-on optimal lighting level. The smart lighting network solution also has predictive maintenance, sensing the health of each street light and scheduling replacements and repairs well in advance.

Encourage by the cost-savings of its solution, gridComm’s chief executive, Mike Holt, said “By working with HPE, we have made our street light platform more scalable and flexible for IoT device management. Our vision of data driving smart cities is in line with HPE’s focus on managing and analysing data from core to edge.”

Read the full article titled HPE Partner Gridcomm Lights up Smart Cities for more insight into how gridComm’s partnership with HPE has yielded a critical solution for street light control, smart city sensor integration and data analysis.

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