Empowering Enterprise: Keeping Everyone On The Same Page in Business


Aug, 17

Empowering Enterprise: Keeping Everyone On The Same Page in Business

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The following may contain excerpts from an article entitled “Keeping Everyone On The Same Page in Business” published in The Business Times on 2 August, 2017.

When co-founder and managing director of digital brand agency Bonsey Jaden, Nic Robertson, set out to form a new kind of digital brand agency with his partners, he knew that a key piece of the company’s operations would centre around how employees were able to manage and collaborate on files.

“The ability to work offline makes Dropbox Business one of my best friends,” explains Robertson. “Everything goes straight onto my computer, is backed up in the cloud, and I can use it on the plane, at the airport, wherever – no internet required.”

Click on the full article link to find out how Dropbox Business makes it easy to centralise files, provide quick access to those files, and works in a way that fits with your business vision.


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