Why MSPs are a Perfect Fit for the Microsoft CSP Program


Jul, 16

Why MSPs are a Perfect Fit for the Microsoft CSP Program

For many end users, the key difference between the managed services IT model and cloud services model is primarily: with the former they see a blinking light in their server room, and with the latter they do not. From a managed service provider’s (MSP) perspective, however, the difference between the two business models is far greater and more complex.

Selling cloud services also brings with it a whole new set of sales challenges that MSPs have to overcome. Some of the top obstacles that MSPs face include:

  • Key buying decision makers such as CIOs and IT Managers have a negative attitude towards the cloud, which could be related to security, reliability, performance and/or the decision maker’s job security.
  • The MSP’s salespeople have doubts over the profitability of selling cloud services.
  • Loss of control over the IT infrastructure (for MSP and end user).
  • The fear of disruption to the business, especially regarding cutting, adding, and/or reorganizing staff.
  • The need to learn new technologies and business processes.

As a leading master cloud service provider, Ingram Micro works with tens of thousands of channel companies, including MSPs, and has helped them overcome the obstacles mentioned above in addition to many others.

MSPs, in particular, have a lot to gain by moving to the cloud. For starters, the cloud can play a key role in lowering operating costs and expenses and replacing lower margin activities, like server maintenance, with more profitable ones such as consulting and other outsourced CIO services. Additionally, when your customers’ IT resources are moved to the cloud, it becomes easier and quicker to respond to their needs for scaling compute power, storage, software licenses, and other business services.

Microsoft CSP: Your First Step into the Cloud

Like anything else, selling cloud doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” proposition, which is exactly what Ingram Micro partner, Ecotech Solutions Group discovered.

“There are usually one or two IT services that serve as gateways to the cloud for your customers,” said Mario Guerendo, the company’s president and CEO. “In other words, it’s highly unlikely a customer is going to take an all-or-nothing approach to the cloud. What’s more likely to happen is that a customer will try one IT service now — such as migrating their email to the cloud — and if that proves to be a good experience and offers some tangible business benefits, they’ll consider moving other IT solutions to the cloud, as well.”

What MSPs like Ecotech Solutions Group and others are also discovering is that becoming a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner through Ingram Micro can make these first steps even easier — and more profitable. Check out this short video to find out how Ingram Micro can help your company unlock the power of Microsoft CSP and kick start your journey to selling cloud services today.

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