A Major Investment in the Cloud, Our Future


Jul, 16

A Major Investment in the Cloud, Our Future

Ingram Micro has always remained focused on staying at the forefront of technology, and the rise of technology that is consumed through the cloud continues to grow and accelerate. In order to bring the promise of technology to all businesses, we recognized that a new cloud consumption model is absolutely critical in that process. Ingram Micro’s recent acquisition of the Parallels Odin Service Automation platform is a pivotal strategic milestone in the evolution of the cloud ecosystem.

As many of you already know, Ingram Micro adopted and began licensing the Odin Service Automation platform in 2013 as the backbone of our automated Cloud Marketplace. After a very successful two-year partnership with Parallels, Ingram Micro decided to take the natural next step of acquiring the Odin Service Automation business. Recognized as the leading software in the industry, the depth and sophistication of the Odin Service Automation platform is second to none and is currently leveraged by some of the world’s largest telcos/carriers and hosting companies.

Since the Marketplace is at the heart of our cloud strategy, the acquisition of the Odin Service Automation business allows us to fully control the software roadmap and ensure that future investments support the creation of additional functionality that will meet the needs of our partners and help accelerate the onboarding of new vendors.

At the same time, we can’t underestimate the value this acquisition brings to the Odin Service Automation customers. In addition to gaining the global industry leadership and financial strength of Ingram Micro, a Fortune 62 company, Odin Service Automation customers now have the ability to leverage Ingram Micro’s 1700+ commercial vendor relationships, a robust portfolio of cloud services, and top-tier Application Programming Interface (APS2) packages to further accelerate their success in the cloud.  We also remain deeply committed to the continued support and development of the Odin technology, as well as the relationships with current and future Odin customers.

With this event, we also welcomed 500 new colleagues to the Ingram Micro team, and we’re extremely excited about the level of talent and specialized software engineering skills that they bring.  Ingram Micro now boasts more than 1200 Ingram Micro associates worldwide who are specifically dedicated to building and driving cloud innovation, another key point of differentiation that sets us apart from the competition.

While the laws of mathematics claim that 2+2 = 4, the combination of Ingram Micro and Lightning together is proof that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The connection of Odin’s industry leading cloud software and complimentary customer base (285 telcos/carriers and 4000+ hosters), with Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace, commercial relationships, and extensive partner enablement expertise and customer portfolio boasting 200K+ VARs worldwide, is a game changing combination with the potential to redefine how technology is delivered and consumed in the cloud.

reneebergeronRenee Bergeron
Vice president, Global Cloud Computing

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