Overcome Cloud Billing Frustrations the Smart Way


Mar, 16

Overcome Cloud Billing Frustrations the Smart Way

One of the big draws of moving to the cloud is that it removes the burden of managing servers, software, licenses, and infrastructure and allows end users to focus on running their businesses while helping solution providers focus their time on providing more profitable consultation services. By replacing pricy capital expenses with subscriptions, end users enjoy more predictable IT costs and IT solution providers enjoy the benefits of monthly recurring revenue. A big drawback to selling numerous cloud services, however, is dealing with invoices from various cloud providers. For example, channel partners that sell Microsoft solutions through the Microsoft Advisor Program have no control over the billing process. Additionally, their customers may receive separate bills for hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, cloud storage, backup and disaster recovery services, antivirus and other security services, plus many other business apps and services. It can be frustrating for channel partners — and their customers — to keep track of everything.

Additionally, if a channel company’s monthly recurring revenue dips down unexpectedly one month, it isn’t always readily apparent where the error occurred. Did the cloud provider’s invoice not get sent to a customer? Did the customer just not pay his or her bill? Whatever the root cause of the missed payment, you can bet that it will take hours of investigating to identify the source and resolve the problem.

Multiple Cloud Service Providers, One Invoice

For Ingram Micro channel partners, there is a two-fold solution that greatly simplifies the process of managing cloud billing from multiple providers:

  1. The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. This is an online ecosystem that gives Ingram Micro channel partners access to dozens of leading cloud solutions and services. Though the Cloud Marketplace’s single automated portal, partners can purchase, provision, and manage cloud subscriptions in real time. One of the key management features of the Cloud Marketplace is the ability to create and bundle unique multi-vendor offerings while delivering one consolidated bill.
  2. The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. As a leading master cloud service provider, Ingram Micro is authorized to sell Microsoft cloud services via the Microsoft CSP Program in over 40 countries. Not only does this program offer partners substantially higher margins compared with the Microsoft Advisor Program (which has its own billing pain points), it gives channel partners complete control over the billing process. Ingram Micro channel partners also can utilize a discounted annual pre pay option until the end of the year for all Microsoft CSP purchases, yielding even higher profit margins and significantly lower rates.

To further simplify cloud success, Ingram Micro has created a Reseller Control Panel (RCP) on the Cloud Marketplace to allow partners to manage all of their customers’ cloud subscriptions. With only a few mouse clicks, channel partners can run and view reports such as ‘Sales and Commissions,’ while having the ability to apply data filters and export data to other business applications like Microsoft Excel.

For more information on how to set up your Reseller Control Panel on the Cloud Marketplace check out “Introduction to the Reseller Control Panel.” Ready to become a Microsoft CSP partner through Ingram Micro? Visit Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and get started today.

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