Productively Targeting New Customers


Apr, 15

Productively Targeting New Customers

We all search for the endless pool of prospects.  You already have a significant market share of your ideal customer base and you find yourself struggling to identify any of those last unturned stones.  It is time to rethink who is your new ideal customer.  It is the traditionally undefined prospect.

You are now entering into the awareness stage of this process.  Begin by thinking outside the traditional prospect box.  Identify a historically untapped vertical market and learn specifics to their industry.  It will become your job to understand the daily challenges to their business and start to develop a message addressing their issues.  Once you have accomplished this, your knowledge and process can be repeated with ease.

Like you, these undefined prospects may not be aware they want or have a need for your service.  You have to create reasons why they need you.  Through your research in understanding their challenges, you become a storyteller showing them you understand their industry and have solutions to help.  By tailoring your message to their company you educate them that you are the only solution they need.  You are their solution specialist.

Not only is your product and industry knowledge important, but credibility ranks high to a prospect who in the past may have never been aware of you.  This is where you need to proudly wear your badge of honor highlighting certificates, acknowledgments, awards, testimonials as well as civic and philanthropic involvement.  Do not feel this is self-indulging rhetoric, rather establishing you and your organization as a leader.

Converting that prospect to a customer is not by sales alone.  You have to create the dependency so you are viewed as more than a vendor.  There are affordable value added resources you can offer to make your organization unique.  Provide educational tools such as blogs, webinars and industry specific articles.  Exclusive offers or free, customized assessment are scalable and can be repeated with your next prospect.  The goal is for them to view you as their trusted subject matter specialist.

Rather than randomly targeting those last unturned stones, take a thoughtful, systematic approach when targeting new prospects.  It is time to work smarter, not harder.

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