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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Automation

by Madelyn Newman, Community Specialist, ConnectWise
Madelyn Newman, Community Specialist, ConnectWise

Madelyn Newman, Community Specialist, ConnectWise

If there was something that could eliminate routine and mundane tasks, you’d want it right? And what if that same thing could increase your customer service quality and give you peace of mind? You’d be all over it. So, why aren’t you utilizing automation in your business?

At its most basic, automation allows you to grow your business and take on more clients without having to continually hire new people. It’s about doing more, with less. But even more than that, automation allows your increase your productivity and quality of service beyond what is possible with your existing team.

Here are three great reasons you should incorporate automation into your IT services business:

  1. Faster Service Delivery
    As much as you might like, you can’t be everywhere at once. Automation, however, allows you to solve many common issues without human intervention. This frees you up to focus more on more complicated tasks. You’re able to respond more quickly to client needs, predict new problems before they occur and simplify troubleshooting.
  1. Quality Assurance Insurance
    When you aren’t effectively utilizing automation, client issues get lost, devices don’t get tracked and customer service falls by the wayside. By automating standard tasks, you ensure consistent results across all clients as you filter for certain discrepancies. Your customers will begin to know what quality of service to expect, as they receive the standard every single time.
  1. Score More Billable Time
    Completing tasks takes time. The average business spends $3,900 dollars’ worth of productivity per employee annually by searching for documents alone. But if you’re not doing mundane, unbillable admin work for several hours a day, guess what you’re free to do? Book more billable time!

As you can see, automation allows you to gain better control of your business. It is the key to unlocking your full potential. But how can you start achieving the perks of automation?

Behind every MSP, there is as solid set of tools. The 3 tools most beneficial to setting your IT service company on the path to success include a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution, a Business Management Platform, and a Quote and Proposal Automation tool.

When integrated, these products can eliminate your biggest automation pain points and destroy the silos of chaos. Integrated, best-of-breed solutions such as ConnectWise, LabTech Software and Quosal can help drive best practice and efficiencies throughout every area of your business. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start automating today!

About the Author
As a Community Specialist for ConnectWise, Madelyn Newman spends her days running all of the ConnectWise, LabTech Software and Quosal social media accounts. She graduated from the University of North Carolina, and is addicted to her pun of the day emails. Madelyn loves creating compelling content and is passionate about anything that can help ConnectWise partners across all avenues connect, collaborate and grow.

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