Is Your BDR Vendor Sabotaging Your Good Reputation?


Aug, 14

Is Your BDR Vendor Sabotaging Your Good Reputation?

ITsavvy is a national leader in IT products and services with 172 employees and thousands of clients worldwide in a variety of industries. The company prides itself in its vendor-neutral philosophy and excellent post-sales support, which is backed by a team of experts cross-trained in end-to-end IT implementations.

ITsavvy_Register_RGBSo you can imagine how concerned it was after discovering its legacy BDR (backup and disaster recovery) vendor was having major performance issues causing some of its customers’ to be unable to recover their backups. After a diligent search for a reliable BDR provider, ITsavvy found what it was looking for in Axcient through its value-added distributor partner Ingram Micro.

With almost a dozen new BDR deployments already under way, the MSP has now had a chance to deploy Axcient at IT environments of different types and sizes, ranging from only a couple of servers to several racks and a combination of physical and virtual environments.

“The Axcient appliance is quick and easy to deploy and initial setup is a breeze,” says Eric Kalseth, Client Executive at ITsavvy. “One of our clients actually had a primary server fail and was able to failover to the Axcient local appliance and continue working. It went so well, they ran directly on the BDR appliance for a number of days before replacing the failed server in production. With the number of devices we’re protecting, I definitely breathe easier knowing that Axcient can scale to our clients’ growth without compromising my tech’s time to manage it all.”

To learn more about ITsavvy’s BDR switch and subsequent growth, be sure to check out “Axcient Gives ITsavvy Competitive Advantage for Data Protection and Recovery.”

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