Are You Guilty of these PSA Pitfalls?


Aug, 14

Are You Guilty of these PSA Pitfalls?

As a follow-up to a product analysis I wrote last year on PSA (professional service automation) tools, I recently talked to representatives from Autotask, ConnectWise, and Tigerpaw Software to get an update on their products in the past 12 months. You can check out the details of their responses in my PSA Product Comparison Update.

During my interviews, I also asked each vendor the following two-part question: What are the biggest pitfalls you see among MSPs that shortchange their PSA benefits, and what’s your advice on how to avoid these pitfalls?

Following is a summary of the replies I received to this question:

According to Joe Rourke, director of product management at Autotask: “The biggest thing we see is MSPs making educated guesses instead of fact-based decisions because they’re not able to easily access the right data to make informed decisions. We also see them not fully taking advantage of the tools in their PSA system to be more efficient and use resources more effectively.”

Mark Sokol, ConnectWise’s director of marketing, had this to say: “Using 10% of the application, or fixing one problem within their company and not continuing to grow in their software utilization.  The most successful MSPs, VARs, and system integrators allow ConnectWise to automate a variety of tasks, manage projects, track sales, and complete their billing.  Underutilization is the biggest pitfall – that’s why we do so many things outside our software to promote using ConnectWise to its fullest potential.”

James Foxall, president and CEO of Tigerpaw Software had this to add: “Often it’s related to not owning the project and committing to moving their business forward with their PSA tool. This is especially challenging for smaller MSPs where the owner is wearing multiple hats. Once a purchase decision has been made, the MSP needs to commit to doing the things necessary to implement and take ownership of the end result. I’m always nervous when an MSP comes to Tigerpaw having run (unsuccessfully) our two competitors, as it makes me question their commitment to the solution they purchase.”

In my next blog, I’ll share insights from an MSP that was guilty of using only a small percentage of his PSA’s capabilities for years and the dramatic turnaround he experienced after he made the commitment to start taking this powerful tool more seriously.


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