2 Tips To Find Your MDM Sales Niche


Mar, 14

2 Tips To Find Your MDM Sales Niche

Many VARs and MSPs readily acknowledge that their clients need MDM (mobile device management). However, when it comes to actually selling MDM, many IT service providers struggle. I recently spoke with several industry experts about this topic. Among them, Alistair Forbes, general manager at GFI MAX, summed up the problem — and opportunity — best:

“Mobile devices have overtaken conventional computing devices in the market. Yet, very few MSPs have defined a service proposition around MDM – many are supporting mobile devices in an ad-hoc fashion and often without managing to bill for these services as they have not structured this as part of their overall service offering.”

Out of all the great advice the experts shared with me (which will appear in its entirety later this month on BSMinfo.com), here are the two tips I thought were most helpful:

1. Hone In On Regulated Industries First. For some of your customers, MDM will be perceived as a “nice to have,” but there are others that recognize it as a “must have.” Finding that latter group will greatly improve your win rate. “Any vertical with its eye on compliance such as healthcare [HIPAA], finance [FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley], and banking [FDIC, PCI] will require MDM,” says Brandon Shopp, senior director of product management at N-able by SolarWinds.

2. Don’t Sell MDM as a Stand-Alone Service. Shopp also gets credit for this next tip, adding: “MDM is the foundation of a strong mobility management strategy, but it should not be a partner’s sole focus. The MDM portion of mobility management has largely been commoditized to the point where even native features in Exchange ActiveSync are good enough for many environments.” The key, he says, is bundling MDM with other mobility management solutions and services.

Looking for more useful tips on this topic? Be sure to check out this free, downloadable white paper:  “Managing Mobile Devices: The New MSP Opportunity.”

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