Avoid The À La Carte IT Menu Trap


Oct, 13

Avoid The À La Carte IT Menu Trap

As an IT solutions provider, it’s important that you’re able to solve a variety of IT challenges for your customers. However, how you present your solutions can go a long way in determining your profitability. Similar to the experience of dining at a new restaurant with an overwhelming menu and getting no help selecting the best courses, your customers can become overwhelmed by your laundry list of IT solutions and services.

Scott Bennett, a regional sales director at cloud-based backup and disaster recovery provider Intronis, offers good advice for avoiding this situation in this month’s edition of The VAR Guy, in his article: “Don’t Suppress Your SMBs’ Appetites to Buy.”

The best way to avoid the à la carte IT menu trap, says Bennett, is to sell IT solutions as bundles built using the following guidelines:

General technology packages. These typically include all the components and applications needed for a particular system, though some complementary solutions and IT services may be offered. This category includes server, desktop and mobility bundles (as well as many others).

Vertical/Discipline solutions. These packages often consist of all the hardware, applications and support services required to manage a particular type of business. Bundles may be named according to vertical market (e.g., healthcare, legal, retail) or discipline (e.g., accounting, HR, purchasing). 

Compliance or problem-resolution packages. While vertical solution bundles may work well for new customers or those looking for substantial upgrades, providers often need to address specific issues within existing IT systems. For example, a PCI (payment card industry) set might include enhanced IT security applications combined with onsite and cloud-based backup and archiving programs.

If you’re finding that your customers are ordering appetizers and drinks and skipping on the main course, think about how this advice could make your customers’ buying decisions simpler and be a win for them and for you.

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