Sometimes Following The Herd Is A Good Idea


Feb, 13

Sometimes Following The Herd Is A Good Idea

SMB owners are flocking to leverage cloud computing, and for once, I think being a follower is a good thing. The reasons are simple: if you’re running an SMB, it is all about cash flow. So many businesses stall out just as they get started because of the investments needed to start a business – from a location to an IT environment – all of which demand cash on hand. With cloud computing, those SMB owners may still have to figure out where to set up shop, but their IT woes are nearly eliminated. Instead of writing a check for all the components of an on-premise infrastructure, from servers to phones, that owner can leverage the cloud and create a production environment that is billed as a utility.

There is a reason that recent projections show cloud computing growing at nearly 30%, SMBs and other businesses have come to understand and respect the advantages – not just costs, thank you – of cloud. Not only can you run email and backup through the cloud, but SMBs are learning they can move everything from communications to mission-critical applications into the cloud, speeding innovation and, ultimately, providing a competitive advantage.

So what do you, as a solution provider, need to know to make SMB cloud sales? It’s fairly simple: Be ready to explain, in layman’s terms, the ways cloud can support any business, from infrastructure as a service to platform as a service to software as a service. Then top that off with examples of your customers who are successfully using the cloud, and lastly explain how you will manage those offerings so your customer can focus solely on the business at hand. Don’t worry about the way it all works – most of your customers could care less. They just want to know how their business can run better in the cloud.

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