What Were The 10 Biggest Cloud Stories of 2012?


Jan, 13

What Were The 10 Biggest Cloud Stories of 2012?

Happy New Year everyone! Before we hit 2013 hard, I thought we’d take a minute to review some of the top cloud stories on the past year. This list comes courtesy of industry publication CRN, and ranges from industry trend news to specific incidents tied to cloud. The countdown goes like this:

  1. OpenStack Stands On Its Own Two Feet
  2. Salesforce Ramps Up Delivery Of Cloud Business Apps
  3. Hewlett-Packard Joins Established Vendors In The Cloud Game
  4. Telecoms, Cable Companies Play To Win In The Cloud
  5. Google Goes To Full Cloud Services
  6. Software-Defined Networking Ushers In Flexible Cloud Creation
  7. Distys Get A Piece Of Cloud Services
  8. Just How Reliable Is The Cloud?
  9. Public, Private And Hybrid Clouds Take Shape
  10. Amazon: ‘Old Guard’ Private Clouds Don’t Cut It

Here’s what struck me about this: The trends around cloud really are a mixed bag for channel IT providers. Some vendors are in it with solution providers and MSPs top-of-mind, others are eyeing up your customers (they won’t be successful, so don’t fret about that too much). But overall, I think #7 might be of the most interest to the channel.

We’ve talked about the fact that telecoms and some of their agents see a wealth of opportunity tied to cloud, and here is why: Most of them already had a foot in your client’s door. They provider Internet, phone service, etc., and have been working with customers for a long time. So while you are thinking about the best way to discuss cloud opportunities with your clients, that telecom is peppering them with marketing pieces tied to a service that customer already uses and trusts.

The lesson for 2013: Beware. That old adage – If you aren’t talking to your customers about cloud (or any other evolving technology), someone else is – is particularly true when it comes to cloud and telecoms.

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