Where Will Platform-as-a-Service Go Next Year?


Dec, 12

Where Will Platform-as-a-Service Go Next Year?

The potential around PaaS will continue to expand next year, especially as cloud services providers as well as solution providers, VARs and system integrators get the hang of how and where PaaS works best for end users. As everyone gets more comfortable and knowledge about PaaS, expect to see more widespread adoption, particular to resolve some vertical needs. For example, in October, the NASDAQ unveiled a PaaS tool for its member companies, providing a secure cloud environment that supports the storage and accessibility needed by public trading organizations via a purpose-build platform that addresses the security needs of that vertical as well.

The advantage of these solutions is a level of customization and control not necessarily available in more general offerings, with the disadvantage being the expertise levels necessary to this are high. The opportunity for the channel cuts across this trend in several ways – system integrators may want to tackle building these unique vertical solutions as well as applications that live in the cloud and interoperate with that PaaS offering; MSPs may want to build an expertise around monitoring and managing these cloud services; all of the channel may consider how partnering with telecom carriers can support better delivery of this solution.

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