What’s New In The Cloud? Our Best (Educated) Guesses


Dec, 12

What’s New In The Cloud? Our Best (Educated) Guesses

As many of you gather to celebrate the holidays, I would like to believe you stop thinking – perhaps for a day – about cloud. That said, business must go on, holidays or not, so if you want to consider next year and where and how cloud will evolve, I have some insight from the experts at Ingram Micro. Paul Hoffman, Sr. Director, Technology and Cloud Solutions, Ingram Micro, has as an element of his responsibilities to ask “what’s next?” when it comes to cloud. While he is the first to tell you how fast technology moves, he has several ideas to share about where we’ll see cloud headed in 2013 based on his team’s interaction with some of the leading cloud vendors in the industry. I’m going to share those with you over this coming week.

Today’s trend: Hybrid is your friend.

Not only will those enterprise customers that went the way of private cloud start to dip their toe into public or hosted private cloud, but other technologies will become more easily integrated into cloud solutions. All that means complexity – good for the channel overall. But it also means more management headaches, so expect to see management tools that will offer the same single pane of glass monitoring and management capabilities as many managed services tools. Those offerings will not only aggregate data from cloud solutions, they will pull in information from on-premises tools and applications.

Wednesday: Channel Business Trends

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