Other Trends Beyond Cloud? Sort of …


Dec, 12

Other Trends Beyond Cloud? Sort of …

It is no surprise that most of the 2013 trend talk remains focused on cloud in its many forms. But what about those adjacent technologies that are essential to cloud success? Top of the list, of course, is security, which remains a challenge when it comes to cloud. The issue isn’t necessarily that cloud isn’t secure, but that securing customers’ data from every device through to the cloud takes more focus than when that data used to sit happily in a server room under a solution provider’s control.

In this article from Midsize Insider, the author calls out a recent Gartner report that projects a consolidation in the security industry as vendors try to best work out cloud security, building in the automation and ease of use that solution providers have become accustomed to when it comes to on-premises security. In fact, Gartner predicts that in the next few years, 10% of IT security capabilities will actually be delivered by the cloud and the public cloud infrastructure will be subject to considerably tighter regulations by the government.

Overall, the channel, from vendors to cloud services providers to solution providers must develop a standard for securing the cloud. By that, I mean an understanding of who protects what, what components need to evolve to offer better security, and an agreement about who is responsible for making sure your customer’s cloud deployments are as thoroughly secured as those in the back room of the office. (P.S. The answer to that last one is you …)

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