Forrester Jumps On Prediction Wagon


Dec, 12

Forrester Jumps On Prediction Wagon

I’ve noticed some trends in the cloud predictions hitting the wire, so what I’ve tried to do is pull out notes that highlight something new or intriguing. I think everyone can guess cloud and mobile will continue to merge, but how about these ideas from Forrester:

Cloud service level agreements (SLAs) will become less important: Forrester asks: “What’s the value of having your sourcing and vendor management team negotiate a high and tight SLA from the cloud vendor when only 10% of the applications deployed there need that level of protection?” Interesting question. But where do you draw the line? And how do you determine exactly what is mission critical before you’ve moved it to the cloud and potentially opened up new uses?

Cost modeling to achieve greater ROI will gain prominence: Forrester’s belief is that the cloud is cheaper, but only with the right use model. I’ve heard this from MSPs and other solution providers accustomed to talking about cost savings as part of a cloud pitch. Many tell me, cloud doesn’t always save our customers money, so we’re careful about how we position those solutions and talk about ROI.

Development teams will be free to build apps in the cloud: Cloud is here to stay, and much like other technology trends such as websites and social media, development and IT teams have come around to that reality. Want to support your organization and help your team work effectively and creatively? Be ready to develop in the cloud.

Nor does cloud equal AWS: Forrester predicts Microsoft and Google will start to claw back at the lead Amazon Web Services has in the cloud platforms market. I think this is interesting, and related to the fact that many customers are just not comfortable with public cloud. In particular, I think Microsoft has kept business-class in the forefront as it tackled cloud offerings the past year, and will continue that.

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